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Ask Divya

“Tell me how it feels when you toss a kid in the air and the kid smiles back in response? It is the TRUST what that kid shows up on you.” That’s how I feel when I see the trust from my client. The satisfaction I get when I see that smile back on my client’s face what they were striving for. Probably this was the foremost reason why I got into this field. It’s a delight to me to be the helping hand for the people who are missing their old self. Ask Divya is a platform for you to get back the real you. The self what you are missing but not finding a way to get it back.

Education And Experience

Ask Divya is not started because I had completed my education in psychology. In fact, this field of psychology is chosen because I wanted to serve people. I wished to help people to resolve their stress provoking issues. After completing my graduation and P.G in Psychology, I started working with an education society named Baba Gurar Das Education Society. The main task over there was centered towards terminally ill patients and obviously with their family members. Over there I learned to deal with the topics like stress management, relationship issues, anger management, self-esteem issues, phobia, psychotherapy, psychoeducation etc.

Meanwhile, I also completed PGDCFT i.e. Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy. Also, I have worked in VIMHANS hospital. Working in VIMHANS has enhanced my knowledge. Knowing about the therapies like CBT, RE-Attach therapy, Hypnotherapy, CDT, meditation, transcendental meditation has also added a star in my proficiency & skills.
Apart from this, I had also been a part of marital and parenting counseling training which truly had escalated my skills and sharpen the way to handle such issues.
With a promise given to myself to be there for the people who need my help, I crave to bring your smile back. Ask Divya yearns for your missing smile as the biggest thank you gift.